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The symbol for surrender...When the order of things is honored then life is preserved and it flourishes abundantly. Plants only need 3 minerals to grow and produce seed for the next generation, but humans and animals (vertebrates) need 60 minerals which are considered essential. If the minerals are not present in the soil when the plant is growing then it just is simply not in the plant. It doesn't matter whether it's organic or conventional at all. Minerals run through the soil like chocolate in a ripple ice cream. According to data released by congress many decades ago, our soil here in the US is grossly mineral deficient. Unless you test EVERY plant you consume then you cannot be sure whether you are getting the essential nutrients you need, and to be sure its best to assume that you are not getting anywhere even close. So the question is... Where are YOU and your family getting your minerals? Remember minerals come in different forms and many of the forms are undigestible and go unabsorbed. It's best to get some counsel from an expert like Dr Walllach and the people who study his work, to ensure you are giving your body what it needs to thrive and prosper.