Official Financial


Objective: To Train and Equip members of our Community And their family in effective strategies to manage debt and Establish stability in order to remove stress and build future prosperity.
Piggy Bank

We encourage and teach Core Financial Principles to all ages including:

1. Living Within Your Means

2. Using a Budget

3. Setting Priorities

4. The Difference Between Addition Systems & Multiplication Systems

5. Investing VS Giving

6. Leverage & Passive Income

7. How to set up Fundraisers for a cause

We are promoting Financial Friday in Schools across America

Featuring Key Points such as:

1. Dangers of Credit

2. Risks of Banking

3. Income Quadrant

4. Liabilities VS Assets

5. Understanding & Building Asset Value

6. Distinctions in Types of Interest

7. Instant VS Delayed Gratification

We encourage children to think about things like "Where does money come from?" and "Why is the tax system in the United States set up to benefit entrepreneurs?"

To help your child start the journey in discovering about money and its history we recommend watching this video together as a family at least 1 time a year.