Official Nutrition Program

Objective: To Support and Promote the Structure and Function of the Body and its own God given ability to heal itself through the use of science based clinically verified medical nutrition.
  1. Educate on the Order of Priority for healing and the Design of the Body

     a) DDDL, Truth About Nutrition​​
     b) Healing Is Easy.

  2. Give Dr Wallach's Self Health Evaluation and determine deficiencies and health challenges

  3. Educate, Assist, and Deploy a system to implement simple dietary guidelines to stop causing intestinal damage and maximize digestion.​

       a) Eliminate 12 foods which cause inflammation, a major           component in every chronic disease.

       b) Increase certain good foods which act as raw materials your body will use to rebuild itself.

​   4. Educate and Deploy an individual nutritional strategy using all available resources and according  to budget.

   5. Provide daily ongoing training and support through a network of tools and systems.

       a) Email, Social Media, Zoom Live streaming, Webinar Bank, Live Events

       b) Training Leaders

       c) Direct Access to Dr Wallach and Dr Glidden if needed