About Us

Hope4.Life is the DBA for our 501c3,  formerly named after our Founder and Executive Director's father Nelson, who died of Leukemia.


We are a compassionate group of individuals committed to training, teaching, and empowering members of our community and their families to value and make use of principles and skills in their everyday lives in an intentional way so that they move towards a simple yet effective strategy to establish a foundation of prosperity and health.


We believe little things people overlook moment by moment contribute to following either a broken system or a successful one. 

We are focused on biblical principles of finance, principles which honor the design of the body, directing to valuable resources from our partners, leading teams of volunteers to impact our community by training at the individual and family level so they are equipped to face their situation. In addition, collaborating with community leaders and teaching care givers to initiate systems and coordinate services in order to make a healing journey accessible to as many people as possible. 

Our Mission Statement
We are blazing a new trail of training and support, using proprietary principle based curriculum modules in core knowledge, which emphasizes Daily Lifestyle Disciplines with some of the most vulnerable at risk members of society: widows, orphans, veterans, first responders, addicts, and those with illnesses of all types to show how even extreme situations can be turned around efficiently and consistently.